~> madison was born and raised in charleston south carolina. she had no real reason to ever leave and actually felt as though she could never leave. her story is simple; she could never leave her mother. after witnessing an abusive relationship between her parents from a young age, madison knew that her mother would always need her. there was a time when her mother had enough and a divorce was filed between the two. madison was finally able to see her mother happy and full of life as an independent woman. life was completely different from that moment forward. her mother had to support madison and her two other siblings, but she managed. the family owned a boutique in downtown charleston which became a quick success.

~> once madison was of proper working age, she was in the boutique every day after school helping out. she knew that one day it would be her own and she wanted to prove herself worthy. after high school she went to school for business so that she could properly run a company when the time came. she was always into fashion and keeping tabs on the latest trends. she even designed clothes from time to time, with a bigger dream of designing them for her own store.

~> her parents rough relationship made it difficult for madison to fully committ to one herself. she dated various boys in high school and in college, but nothing ever stuck. she came close once when she was engaged to her college boyfriend, but the fear of an ultimate divorce or abusive relationship scared her from going through with the wedding.

~> in her spare time, madison enjoys designing clothes and visiting the beach. there are plenty of hot spots in downtown charleston that have consumed her time and plenty of happy hours that she's entertained. she's currently happy in her single life and taking full advantage of her freedom.

~> though the thought of a seirous relationship scares her, madison does eventually want a marriage with children. she knows that not every man is like her father, but as a child she always blamed herself for his anger and has always feared that she would bring that out in someone else. her mother has continued to tell madison that she will find love as she has in her new husband. madison's relationship with her step-father has been a rollercoaster of sorts. she can see how much he loves her mother, but she is hestiant to let him in completely as her father. she just doesn't fully trust him.

~> more TBD
full name: madison riley
birth date & age: 28 : october 22, 1986
birthplace: charelston, sc
occupation: boutique owner
marital status: single
parents: mother (name TBD), father is nonexsistent
siblings: tbd
likes: all types of music especially stuff she can dance to, movies in general, camping, hiking, taking road trips, obnoxiously singing in her shower & car, chocolate, chai lattes, the color pink, sleeping
dislikes: self-centered people, cold weather, tequila
* relationship hesitant
* surrounds herself with girlfriends
* consumes herself with work
* loves sunshine and warm weather. absolutely hates the cold
* down to earth and easy going
* appears high maintence because she loves fashion and material things
* loves animals, shopping and louging in sweatpants
out of character
played-by: emilia clarke
ooc contact: contact post
preferences: third person story book, threading preferred, adult or ftb, est time
layout: original by weisberger, edited by whitley